It is nearing the end of warm summer days so I like to soak up the most of it. There is nothing you regret more in January than not appreciating the warm months. Due to it being the end of summer it also is a little cooler — that makes it the optimal time to soak in a little extra vitamin D and get some outdoor workouts in.

In case you need more connvincing..

Outdoor runs burn MORE CALORIES because the treadmill is helping you do some of the work. Running outdoors is BETTER ON YOUR JOINTS so if anything you should be running outdoors now for the future you! There is also a fun aspect of agility added to it because there are usually some sort of obstacles along the path.

Story time.. {fast forward past this if you don’t care to read about baby kayla} When I first fell in love with fitness it was from running. When I was in 4th grade I would go running with my Dad. My parents never had gym memberships growing up. They either did at home workouts or would run outside. The bitter cold early morning runs is where the addiction to endorphins bloomed. As well as my fear of ankle bitting dogs out for their morning pee.

Outdoor workouts could be what you need to boost your mood. All it takes is 5-30 minutes 2 times per week to keep your vitamin D levels optimum. Plus in addition to the vitamin D you probably could finish your workout with a little bit of a tan!

It is really easy to get creative with them, FREE, and you can bring your babies {and fur babies} with you! HOLLA IF YOU LOVE NOT PAYING FOR DAYCARE!

Try doing this workout outside:

Warm up with a 1 mile jog

EMOM {Every Min On the Min} for 10 min!

-7 v-ups

-10 sumo squats

-8 commandos

AMRAP {As Many Reps As Possible} for 2 min

-20 sit ups

-10 burpees

Cool off with a 1 mile run

– Helloburpess, xx